March 19, 2019

Knowledge Translation Planner

Knowledge translation (KT) is key to achieving, and sustaining, valuable health policy outcomes. KT aims to translate knowledge into action—action that will improve Canada's health care system and ultimately lead to healthier Canadians.

Effective KT can accelerate the use of knowledge by:

  • focusing attention and resources on high priority research questions (Chalmers & Glasziou, 2009);
  • ensuring that the knowledge being used is based on the best available evidence (Chalmers & Glasziou, 2009);
  • ensuring that the knowledge is being implemented as intended (McGlynn et al., 2003);
  • ensuring important outcomes are being evaluated so that scarce resources are not wasted (Chalmers & Glasziou, 2009); and
  • supporting spread and scale-up of evidence-based practices, programs and policies.

The Knowledge Translation (KT) Planner can help you take a practical and evidence-informed approach to disseminating and implementing knowledge.