12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Developing Ethical 'Terms of Engagement' for Partnering with Young People in Healthcare Research and Governance

About this Webinar:

Research investigating young people’s views on the meaning and perceived benefits (or potential harms) of patient engagement in research studies or other healthcare advisory roles is lacking. This session will showcase research in progress that is funded, in part, by a CHILD-BRIGHT Training Innovation grant. The study involves partnering with youth with disabilities to learn about ethical challenges that arise in relation to fostering meaningful and consequential patient engagement roles and partnerships with disabled youth. Following an overview of literature and debates concerning the benefits and potential unintended harms associated with patient engagement, the presentation will shift to describing the design and methods being used to elicit young people’s own views and experiences in the context of taking up patient engagement roles in children’s rehabilitation.

The aim is to partner with young people to develop guiding principles or ‘terms of engagement’ for advisory roles that optimize potential benefits and are equitable, just, and responsive.

Facilitator: Dr. Gail Teachman, Assistant Professor (Western University, School of Occupational Therapy)